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It’s style…not a trend!

Just as sleek lines, crisp colors and simplicity is to contemporary style and intricate detail, warm tones and an array of textures is to an eclectic style, either one can encompass vintage details.  To assume that “vintage” is a trend would well, you know, make an ass out of “u” and me!  No matter contemporary, traditional, romantic, whimsical, rustic or if I dare say “vintage” it is about your style.  In a recent blog entry I stumbled across the author blatantly suggested that vintage event design is about to be a thing of the past, kind of ironic!  I, along with others based on the aggressive response to the claim believe that not only is that preposterous but the claim that “vintage” is a trend is erroneous…big words make big statements!

Maybe the design elements of “vintage” would be better understood if coined as “great character, color, design and selections”.  Your project regardless if it is a newborn photo shoot, holiday party, engagement photos or wedding the ambiance created is a reflection of the creators’ style or intent.   If it is the opinion of some that using an assortment of colorful tins from yesteryear is “worn”, what makes that any more vintage than traditional candelabras adorn with plush floral?  Both might I say paint a fantastic picture in my head…but that’s my style!  I also recently read a blog entry from Backstage SMP and they made a point that for what ever reason, I continue to reference back to in my mind.  “The thing is, we’ve been staring at details for years. But we aren’t the ones getting married. Brides are. Brides read our blogs. Brides who haven’t been poring over mason jars for the last three years. They are new and seeing things for the first time” states Abby Larson.  So although it might be one’s opinion that this particular style is played out, it is of another’s that strikes an interest, a feeling, a vision.   If your opinion is that tattered fabric and mason jars are out and traditional french lace and tufted furniture is in, well fantastic because french lace and tufted furnishings is half our inventory.  No matter how contemporary, traditional, formal or sophisticated a project may be, pieces from the past can always find their place.

Hopefully this blog entry will have a small part is making a better understanding of vintage design elements.  An amazing pop of color from an upholstered piece along with a talented photographer can transform an industrial setting into a phenomenal backdrop.  Did I mention that scarlet colored, tufted, crush velvet piece came from Nana’s basement, ah yeah, I mean vintage.  Who wouldn’t want to go to an event and feel like royalty as you break bread over a beautiful array of china and flatware.  Yes, all pieces picked up from random estate sales, flea markets or even Nana’s basement.  Point is, these are simple elements that create an emotion for the artist, host and/or guest.  So some may say that “vintage” is a trend but the passionate people in our industry and the artists, brides and designers that love it, feel it is more of a style…and it’s here and it’s been here for a long time…that’s why it’s vintage!;-)

Olive it!

During my evening internet search for creative inspiration I came across a shade of green that reminded me of an olive.  With that my mind went running.  Not only do they taste amazing, I love dipping fresh bread in their delicious oil and they provide amazing rustic hues of greens, browns and purples that open the door to so many event design opportunities.  On top of so many reasons to love olives and their beautiful hearty leaf, their meaning of peace is a great fit for any event.  Full scale or little touches of details….olive it!

I snagged this beauty off the casa diseno blog.  I absolutely love hanging design elements in a room.  Once the room fills with all your guests your efforts to create an ambiance don’t get lost.

This image is from the Worn inventory.  We have a huge selection of glassware that would encourage the color palette that olives, their leaves and branches naturally provide.

The thought of everything olive sends my taste buds soaring with the thought of a variety of breads, oils, cheese and spices.  Then I automatically start dreaming of a Tuscan style event.  Worn’s inventory of crates, baskets and boxes are a great way to creatively display mouth-watering culinary creations with our new-found “Tuscan” style love.

There is a little joke about my desire to push burlap.  I don’t think anyone can deny that the natural fibers of burlap and twine are a great combination for “olive leaf” or Tuscan style project.

The little details are what can make this idea super fun.  Adorn your guest seating list with the olive leaf tied to a tea dyed tags all wrapped up with my ever so useful twine.

BZ Events created an amazing fall themed wedding that served this beautiful cake.  Not only are the olive leafs perfect for this design idea but if you look closely the application of the icing replicates a Tuscan style stucco surface.  This might be one of those details that only I would point out!;-)  This cake would look amazing on top of one of Worn’s vintage tables.

Hometown Girl blog created this table setting that offers so many different textures and I L-O-V-E it!  I am not an expert on greenery and I am not 100% confident that an olive branch was used in the floral centerpiece but there is no reason that something similar couldn’t be created with the floral pieces that fit our theme.  Burlap is there, twine can be used to wrap the flatware in a vintage linen napkin and olive leaf, replace the sheet music with a pages from a Tuscan book or menu and finito!

Tousled pulled back hair with a loose braid and a beautiful broach headband.  Worn has a huge selection of brooches that can be used in so many capacities…including the brides style!

What ever your project is Worn has an ever-growing inventory that can help bring your vision to fruition…even if it is olives!


Bliss Eleven Photography

Not only is Laurie Nowling with Bliss Eleven Photography super-duper talented…she is stoked about Worn Vintage Rental.  The combination of the two ranks her high on our Richter scale my friends.  Take a gander at her amazing work with some of our inventory.

Worn was able to provide the mint tone school desk, assortment of books and framed chalk board for this shot.  Laurie did a great job with the staging.  The boots are FANTASTIC…love it!

No doubt our family of props wouldn’t be as cute without such an adorable model but we like to think Worn added to the experience with great accessories.  Little Miss Personality did wonders for our gold-colored “train case” and we love her relaxed look on the matching tone upholstered chair.  I am sure that the cosmetic lady that sold her goods out of the powder blue case never thought her box of magic would ever be such a great prop in future photos!

These cutie patooties make us LOVE our stuff!  Laurie loves using the gold chair and we think she does it justice.  They look so comfortable.  Mr. Man is going places atop our vintage leather travel case.  The small blue chair couldn’t be more perfect for a shoot with children in this age range.  We have two of them in stock and knowing that they were a mother’s time out chair for her now grown boys gives those pieces such a personality.  Worn loves when we are able to find pieces that also offer a past.  This is one of the reasons we love vintage so much.

We are not going to claim to be a photography expert but even to a layman’s eye the contrast in colors in this shot looks great.  Laurie used the gold chair in this shoot too and no matter a tween, infant or senior shot she makes it look great every time!  I can’t wait to see what she can do with the many, many upholstered pieces in our inventory.

How excited we are to see our pieces in action and there are so many projects to come.  Everything from the old school desk to the tattered leather travel case, seeing a piece of Worn incorporated into Laurie’s projects makes us giddy.  All our pieces are packed with so much character, color and history.  Worn is so excited to share our ever growing inventory for all your future projects.

New additions

Here are some pictures of Worn’s new “old” inventory.  We love all of our finds.  Glassware, tables, chairs, crates, cake plates, hat boxes, buckets and more.  I don’t know what is more fun…finding the pieces or coming up with ideas for all of our treasures.

I envision a refreshing lemonade station with mismatched mason jars for drinking cups and baskets of fresh lemons.  Top off the “more than a beverage” experience with vintage linen napkins and colorful straws.

A plethora of awesome finds opens the door for a ton of creative possibilities.  Vintage tackle box for father son photos, mason jars for centerpieces, oar for a nautical themed birthday party or stacks of cake plates for a dessert display paired with yummy desserts and beautiful summer flowers.

Bring it to Another Era

The future “Mrs” of this wedding season are stressing out about guest lists, menus, seating charts and cake flavors.  It is no wonder why it is so important for their bridal party to create a bachelorette party that will make her feel celebrated. 

Put away the tiara, phallic straws and ice trays.  Do something different!  Pick an era and go with it from the invitations and outfits to the decor.  For the purpose of this blog entry I am going to be specific to an era.  I’m gonna borrow this post card image from The Perkins Family blog and run with it.  The image on this invite makes me feel like this party is going to FANTASTIC!

Encourage your attendees to dress the part and be “pin-up girl” like as possible (without making the general public blush).Katy Perry knows how!

Your event location is an element of your planning that should not be ignored.  You can always have it at the hosts home in the event you are able to transform the space into the look you are going for.  I am a fan of this because of the comfort level.  If your that group that likes to hit the St. Louis night scene then try the Moonrise Hotel, Pin Up Bowl or Hotel Indigo to create the ambiance your shooting for.  Skipping out on an atmosphere that doesn’t complement your theme can make all your efforts fall short of amazing.

Worn can lend you everything you need to create the era ambiance that will make your gathering unforgettable (unless someone wore something that made the general public blush…that would make things unforgettable too!).  We have a plethora of accessories to design a food and beverage serving area, party location or decor in general.  We can transform your party location into a space that will take your guests back.  For my 50’s Pin Up theme I am going to drench the room in powder pastel tones, an old rotary phone and clusters of seating that truly reflect a retro style.  We will be sipping from colorful martini glasses topped off with garnish on parasol tooth picks, food will be served from stacks of milk glass serving platters, olive and mustard colored cases will adorn the food and beverage station.

Just a couple of pieces I pulled from our inventory as a visual aide.

My guests that braved their inner pin-up girl style will get boudoir photos from a local photographer like Laurie Nowling with Bliss Eleven as a memento from the event.

Here is an example from Modern Beauty Photography out of Colorado.  Anyone that has looked into boudoir photography would agree that I went with a very modest example!

In the event you tear up the town don’t forget about responsible transportation.  If your group size allows go for a non tradition approach…ditch the stretch limo or party bus.  Rent a vehicle that will reflect all your attempts to create an experience rather than just a party.

Spot of tea?

Worn likes a wedding just as much as the next.  We thought we should pay our respects to the Royals in some way and what not better to share some fun things to do with a tea-cup.  Photo shoot, tea party, home decor or a royal wedding…tea cups are always pipin’ hot!

Welcome your ceremony guests with this unique alternative to the same ol’, seen at every wedding pew bow.  These are the creative touches that will leave your guests talkin’…over a good cup of tea!

O.K. so the above look from Apartment Therapy might not use tea cups but you can create this look with small vases, candle holders, plates, dessert plate and “tea-cup” saucers.  Bring your sweet treats at your next tea party, bridal luncheon or baby shower to new heights…

Who knew a centerpiece drenched in tea cups could look so fantastic!  Keeping color simple and consistent we think is the key to making this look work.  Martha Stewert Weddings pulled it off.

I had to snag this one off  Their post of Hayley & Alex in Wonderland engagement photo session shot by Wildflowers Photography is a true inspiration.  Worn is a total fan of incorporating personality into your projects and what better way than to use your grandmothers tea-cup collection…hats off to their entire whimsical concept…we LOVE IT!

Unless you are like Hayley and have a collection of tea cups at your disposal, creating a large enough or unique enough assortment for your next project could be overwhelming.  Worn has a huge inventory of great pieces that can make any of your “tea cup” dreams come true.  We would be thrilled to share them with you!

Best wishes to the Royal couple and cheers to your next project!


Out With The New….In With The Old!

Gone are the days with fancy light shows, every design detail drenched in coordinating colors of satin and attendants looking like identical twins except for their natural appearance.  I for one am a fan of a new-found love for chic, vintage, whimsical and stylish projects sweeping the event scene.  Approach your event or project with an open mind, a collection of mismatched details and a love for all things not so perfect and you too can be part of this new phenomenon!  Worn is bursting at the seams with design ideas for our upcoming projects and are beside ourselves with wanting to share images from the events.  In the mean time we wanted to give you a glimpse of what other “fab” vintage rental companies and designers are doing in other parts of our country!     

Archive Vintage Rental combines an eclectic assortment of vintage bottles, vases and glasses.  The collection paired with burlap, soft white flowers and the glow of votives creates a rustic, romantic ambiance guests will leave talking about.

Found Vintage Rental always finds a way!  This serene table setting couldn’t be more romantic for the engagement photo session it was created for.  A weathered blue table, mismatched chairs, a cluster of gold containers, fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit loops…add the happy couple and who wouldn’t be in love. 


Gathering on the roof…don’t mind if I do!  I’m not sure if it is the refreshing lemonade or the rustic metal and mason jars but this image from made me smile.  This spring have some friends over in the backyard, or the roof (if possible) for an early evening soiree…

Nature, whimsy and vintage all wrapped into a perfect bundle at this baby shower from Milk Glass Vintage Rentals.  I am such a fan of height when it comes to table decor and I think they nailed it!

This table design from Intertwined Events was recent inspiration for the Savory/Chilton celebration.  Our take has a little more of a rustic, vintage feel but either way there isn’t anything we don’t love more than a little twine and a brooch with some bling…I can’t wait to see our pictures. 

Anyway, we wanted to share some inspiration for your next project and Worn would love to be a part of it…

All dressed up an no place to go!

So excited to pick up our new upholstered wood frame sofa and chair.  The beautiful white fabric with little dainty multi-colored flowers  is a great find for this refreshing season.  Only issue…our inventory is bulging and we don’t have a permanent location for our new “inventory members” until later this month.  I’ll call her “Gertrude” and “Gertrude” will be stored in a temporary location until she can be united with the rest of the team.  By the way the name of the sofa and chair came from the spinster who sat in these pieces for so many years.  Looking forward to sharing photos of the sofa and mini me matching chair…

NOLA to the Lou!

Thank you to the Savory-Chilton wedding to have Worn part of your GRAND festivities.  A week-long trip in The Big Easy and a beautiful Saturday afternoon at County Wine Gardens back in our stopping ground.  Worn was able to sport some creativity at both events.  We are so excited to show pictures but are waiting for the photog shots.  Stay tuned!  Above is a picture of the two Worn ladies at our Mrs. Nikki Savory Chilton’s celebration…