Out With The New….In With The Old!

Gone are the days with fancy light shows, every design detail drenched in coordinating colors of satin and attendants looking like identical twins except for their natural appearance.  I for one am a fan of a new-found love for chic, vintage, whimsical and stylish projects sweeping the event scene.  Approach your event or project with an open mind, a collection of mismatched details and a love for all things not so perfect and you too can be part of this new phenomenon!  Worn is bursting at the seams with design ideas for our upcoming projects and are beside ourselves with wanting to share images from the events.  In the mean time we wanted to give you a glimpse of what other “fab” vintage rental companies and designers are doing in other parts of our country!     

Archive Vintage Rental combines an eclectic assortment of vintage bottles, vases and glasses.  The collection paired with burlap, soft white flowers and the glow of votives creates a rustic, romantic ambiance guests will leave talking about.

Found Vintage Rental always finds a way!  This serene table setting couldn’t be more romantic for the engagement photo session it was created for.  A weathered blue table, mismatched chairs, a cluster of gold containers, fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit loops…add the happy couple and who wouldn’t be in love. 


Gathering on the roof…don’t mind if I do!  I’m not sure if it is the refreshing lemonade or the rustic metal and mason jars but this image from thesweetestoccasion.com made me smile.  This spring have some friends over in the backyard, or the roof (if possible) for an early evening soiree…

Nature, whimsy and vintage all wrapped into a perfect bundle at this baby shower from Milk Glass Vintage Rentals.  I am such a fan of height when it comes to table decor and I think they nailed it!

This table design from Intertwined Events was recent inspiration for the Savory/Chilton celebration.  Our take has a little more of a rustic, vintage feel but either way there isn’t anything we don’t love more than a little twine and a brooch with some bling…I can’t wait to see our pictures. 

Anyway, we wanted to share some inspiration for your next project and Worn would love to be a part of it…


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