Bring it to Another Era

The future “Mrs” of this wedding season are stressing out about guest lists, menus, seating charts and cake flavors.  It is no wonder why it is so important for their bridal party to create a bachelorette party that will make her feel celebrated. 

Put away the tiara, phallic straws and ice trays.  Do something different!  Pick an era and go with it from the invitations and outfits to the decor.  For the purpose of this blog entry I am going to be specific to an era.  I’m gonna borrow this post card image from The Perkins Family blog and run with it.  The image on this invite makes me feel like this party is going to FANTASTIC!

Encourage your attendees to dress the part and be “pin-up girl” like as possible (without making the general public blush).Katy Perry knows how!

Your event location is an element of your planning that should not be ignored.  You can always have it at the hosts home in the event you are able to transform the space into the look you are going for.  I am a fan of this because of the comfort level.  If your that group that likes to hit the St. Louis night scene then try the Moonrise Hotel, Pin Up Bowl or Hotel Indigo to create the ambiance your shooting for.  Skipping out on an atmosphere that doesn’t complement your theme can make all your efforts fall short of amazing.

Worn can lend you everything you need to create the era ambiance that will make your gathering unforgettable (unless someone wore something that made the general public blush…that would make things unforgettable too!).  We have a plethora of accessories to design a food and beverage serving area, party location or decor in general.  We can transform your party location into a space that will take your guests back.  For my 50’s Pin Up theme I am going to drench the room in powder pastel tones, an old rotary phone and clusters of seating that truly reflect a retro style.  We will be sipping from colorful martini glasses topped off with garnish on parasol tooth picks, food will be served from stacks of milk glass serving platters, olive and mustard colored cases will adorn the food and beverage station.

Just a couple of pieces I pulled from our inventory as a visual aide.

My guests that braved their inner pin-up girl style will get boudoir photos from a local photographer like Laurie Nowling with Bliss Eleven as a memento from the event.

Here is an example from Modern Beauty Photography out of Colorado.  Anyone that has looked into boudoir photography would agree that I went with a very modest example!

In the event you tear up the town don’t forget about responsible transportation.  If your group size allows go for a non tradition approach…ditch the stretch limo or party bus.  Rent a vehicle that will reflect all your attempts to create an experience rather than just a party.


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