Bliss Eleven Photography

Not only is Laurie Nowling with Bliss Eleven Photography super-duper talented…she is stoked about Worn Vintage Rental.  The combination of the two ranks her high on our Richter scale my friends.  Take a gander at her amazing work with some of our inventory.

Worn was able to provide the mint tone school desk, assortment of books and framed chalk board for this shot.  Laurie did a great job with the staging.  The boots are FANTASTIC…love it!

No doubt our family of props wouldn’t be as cute without such an adorable model but we like to think Worn added to the experience with great accessories.  Little Miss Personality did wonders for our gold-colored “train case” and we love her relaxed look on the matching tone upholstered chair.  I am sure that the cosmetic lady that sold her goods out of the powder blue case never thought her box of magic would ever be such a great prop in future photos!

These cutie patooties make us LOVE our stuff!  Laurie loves using the gold chair and we think she does it justice.  They look so comfortable.  Mr. Man is going places atop our vintage leather travel case.  The small blue chair couldn’t be more perfect for a shoot with children in this age range.  We have two of them in stock and knowing that they were a mother’s time out chair for her now grown boys gives those pieces such a personality.  Worn loves when we are able to find pieces that also offer a past.  This is one of the reasons we love vintage so much.

We are not going to claim to be a photography expert but even to a layman’s eye the contrast in colors in this shot looks great.  Laurie used the gold chair in this shoot too and no matter a tween, infant or senior shot she makes it look great every time!  I can’t wait to see what she can do with the many, many upholstered pieces in our inventory.

How excited we are to see our pieces in action and there are so many projects to come.  Everything from the old school desk to the tattered leather travel case, seeing a piece of Worn incorporated into Laurie’s projects makes us giddy.  All our pieces are packed with so much character, color and history.  Worn is so excited to share our ever growing inventory for all your future projects.


One thought on “Bliss Eleven Photography

  1. I just adore the back to school photos! I picked up eight precious wood+metal school chairs this weekend, they’d be so much fun for a back to school party! Love your collection, so happy to have found another vintage junkie. 🙂

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