Olive it!

During my evening internet search for creative inspiration I came across a shade of green that reminded me of an olive.  With that my mind went running.  Not only do they taste amazing, I love dipping fresh bread in their delicious oil and they provide amazing rustic hues of greens, browns and purples that open the door to so many event design opportunities.  On top of so many reasons to love olives and their beautiful hearty leaf, their meaning of peace is a great fit for any event.  Full scale or little touches of details….olive it!

I snagged this beauty off the casa diseno blog.  I absolutely love hanging design elements in a room.  Once the room fills with all your guests your efforts to create an ambiance don’t get lost.

This image is from the Worn inventory.  We have a huge selection of glassware that would encourage the color palette that olives, their leaves and branches naturally provide.

The thought of everything olive sends my taste buds soaring with the thought of a variety of breads, oils, cheese and spices.  Then I automatically start dreaming of a Tuscan style event.  Worn’s inventory of crates, baskets and boxes are a great way to creatively display mouth-watering culinary creations with our new-found “Tuscan” style love.

There is a little joke about my desire to push burlap.  I don’t think anyone can deny that the natural fibers of burlap and twine are a great combination for “olive leaf” or Tuscan style project.

The little details are what can make this idea super fun.  Adorn your guest seating list with the olive leaf tied to a tea dyed tags all wrapped up with my ever so useful twine.

BZ Events created an amazing fall themed wedding that served this beautiful cake.  Not only are the olive leafs perfect for this design idea but if you look closely the application of the icing replicates a Tuscan style stucco surface.  This might be one of those details that only I would point out!;-)  This cake would look amazing on top of one of Worn’s vintage tables.

Hometown Girl blog created this table setting that offers so many different textures and I L-O-V-E it!  I am not an expert on greenery and I am not 100% confident that an olive branch was used in the floral centerpiece but there is no reason that something similar couldn’t be created with the floral pieces that fit our theme.  Burlap is there, twine can be used to wrap the flatware in a vintage linen napkin and olive leaf, replace the sheet music with a pages from a Tuscan book or menu and finito!

Tousled pulled back hair with a loose braid and a beautiful broach headband.  Worn has a huge selection of brooches that can be used in so many capacities…including the brides style!

What ever your project is Worn has an ever-growing inventory that can help bring your vision to fruition…even if it is olives!



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