It’s style…not a trend!

Just as sleek lines, crisp colors and simplicity is to contemporary style and intricate detail, warm tones and an array of textures is to an eclectic style, either one can encompass vintage details.  To assume that “vintage” is a trend would well, you know, make an ass out of “u” and me!  No matter contemporary, traditional, romantic, whimsical, rustic or if I dare say “vintage” it is about your style.  In a recent blog entry I stumbled across the author blatantly suggested that vintage event design is about to be a thing of the past, kind of ironic!  I, along with others based on the aggressive response to the claim believe that not only is that preposterous but the claim that “vintage” is a trend is erroneous…big words make big statements!

Maybe the design elements of “vintage” would be better understood if coined as “great character, color, design and selections”.  Your project regardless if it is a newborn photo shoot, holiday party, engagement photos or wedding the ambiance created is a reflection of the creators’ style or intent.   If it is the opinion of some that using an assortment of colorful tins from yesteryear is “worn”, what makes that any more vintage than traditional candelabras adorn with plush floral?  Both might I say paint a fantastic picture in my head…but that’s my style!  I also recently read a blog entry from Backstage SMP and they made a point that for what ever reason, I continue to reference back to in my mind.  “The thing is, we’ve been staring at details for years. But we aren’t the ones getting married. Brides are. Brides read our blogs. Brides who haven’t been poring over mason jars for the last three years. They are new and seeing things for the first time” states Abby Larson.  So although it might be one’s opinion that this particular style is played out, it is of another’s that strikes an interest, a feeling, a vision.   If your opinion is that tattered fabric and mason jars are out and traditional french lace and tufted furniture is in, well fantastic because french lace and tufted furnishings is half our inventory.  No matter how contemporary, traditional, formal or sophisticated a project may be, pieces from the past can always find their place.

Hopefully this blog entry will have a small part is making a better understanding of vintage design elements.  An amazing pop of color from an upholstered piece along with a talented photographer can transform an industrial setting into a phenomenal backdrop.  Did I mention that scarlet colored, tufted, crush velvet piece came from Nana’s basement, ah yeah, I mean vintage.  Who wouldn’t want to go to an event and feel like royalty as you break bread over a beautiful array of china and flatware.  Yes, all pieces picked up from random estate sales, flea markets or even Nana’s basement.  Point is, these are simple elements that create an emotion for the artist, host and/or guest.  So some may say that “vintage” is a trend but the passionate people in our industry and the artists, brides and designers that love it, feel it is more of a style…and it’s here and it’s been here for a long time…that’s why it’s vintage!;-)


One thought on “It’s style…not a trend!

  1. I love your point about the brides seeing this “trend” with fresh eyes. It also applies to their guests. I just did my first event with our mismatched, vintage china, lace covered votives and hand embroidered table numbers. The oohs and ahhs from the guests let me know that they had never seen a wedding quite like this before. This fading “trend” was brand new to them.

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